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Have you ever thought that which kind of life is worth living? Apparently we all know because the guidance of Quran and Prophet (PBUH) both are with us. Readily we just don’t accept the right path because the path of sins seems to be more satisfied and less painful.

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This life is temporary and no one is permanent here. Life which is worth living is in which you show generosity, compassion, and humility towards others. Islam provides you complete fundamentals about life, follow the instructions Prophet (PBUH) has given. Live a life which shows your honesty of being a servant of Allah. Spend your time in remembrance of Allah, love for the sake of your creator, and spend every moment in his obedience. This kind of life is worth living where you don’t expect anything in return of your kindness. Rewards are in control of Allah so just have faith in him. A life that is revolving around the Allah and his teachings is the only life worth living.

A life that is full of integrity, kindness, and humility is worth living. Serve your surrounding as much as you can, you will only find peace of soul there.

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